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AssumeList™ Affiliate Benefits:

  • Recurring Commission: Receive 20% of your customer’s payment
  • Passive Income: Receive a custom referral ID to connect to your audience
  • Long Cookies: Your cookie lasts 60 days and works on a “last click” attribution basis
  • Conversion Tracking: Track your performance and revenue using your own portal
  • Custom Tracking Codes: Compare the performance of different campaigns
  • Unlimited Earnings: Get paid for as many sales as you can generate
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Who can become an affiliate?

Real Estate Agents

Who want to want to leverage their professional network and share AssumeList™ with other agents

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Military Families & Veterans

Interested in sharing AssumeList™ with their military network-those most capable of benefiting from a VA assumption loan

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Social Media Influencers

With large audiences of professionals who are current home owners or will soon seek home ownership

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Homebuyers & Sellers

Who understand the power of assumable loans and want to create opportunities for others to benefit


Looking for an additional revenue stream by expanding their reach and growing their business in new creative ways

Start Earning and Let’s Grow

You’re here to make money. And your success is our success.

Frequently Asked Questions

The AssumeList™ Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions by referring customers to AssumeList™ through a tracked affiliate link. This provides an opportunity for you to monetize your audience and earn recurring commissions from each new AssumeList™ referral.

No, and yet being a customer gives you more credibility.

Simply click on the “Apply Now” button to sign up. Once approved, you can immediately begin to promote AssumeList™.

Our affiliate program offers a generous commission structure. When your referred visitors subscribe to any service plan, we track it and reward you with a commission: 20% for every new subscription and 20% of the recurring monthly or annual renewal. The commission is paid for as long as your referred customer’s subscription remains active.

Our Affiliate Program offers last-click attribution with a 60 day cookie. If someone clicks your affiliate link and signs up for a AssumeList™ subscription within 60 days, you will receive credit for the referral, even if they don’t make a purchase immediately.

Payments are made 30 days after subscribers initially sign up. This timeframe accounts for subscribers who may take advantage of our money-back guarantee. Payments will continue to occur monthly for referred subscribers who sign up for monthly plans and annually for referred subscribers on annual plans. AssumeList™ currently uses PayPal as its payment partner. Our affiliate program only supports payments by PayPal at this time.

No, and it never will. Our affiliate program is free for everyone. We pay you. Not the other way around!

Do – Utilize your domain if it maintains strong organic traffic and ranks for organic keywords by posting promotional materials like a case study, masterclass, blog article. Word of mouth and email campaigns are also great options; seek ways to leverage your existing network and tap into your audience, clientele, and colleagues! 

Don’t – use PPC to directly promote AssumeList™ or compete for AssumeList™ related keywords. Don’t directly promote AssumeList™ links on social media. Instead, promote your own content and mention AssumeList™ in that content (e.g. hosting a class on real estate or home loans, write a blog article and include your affiliate link in that article, participate in neighborhood/community forums, send newsletter and email campaigns to your audience).

“AssumeList is so easy to promote as an affiliate – the platform is a game changer for homebuyers and satisfies a major gap in the market right now.”

David Piatek
U.S. Army Veteran
Founder of VA Housing Education

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